READING 7ºano - Atividade de leitura em inglês (present continuous)

Read, match and underline. 

Oh, hi! I'm Julie, and I'm talking to my best friend on the phone. We're always talking to each other or texting messages. We're talking about a pajama party with our friends from school. I love parties! 

Hi, I'm Dan. I'm washing my mom's car I like helping her. I wash her car every Saturday. It's a small car, so it's easy. 

Hi there! My name's Sally. I'm writing an article for my school magazine. I'm writing for the sports page. The article is about our soccer team. I want to be a writer when I'm older. I love writing! 

My name's Bill. I love walking. Today, I'm walking in Bryce Canyon National Park. Walking is a fantastic hobby for keeping fit and healthy. You can see some beautiful mountain views too! 

Orientações: Solicite aos alunos que leiam os textos e observem as fotos. Peça, então, que relacionem fotos e textos correspondentes. Depois, oriente-os a sublinhar no texto os trechos em que se fundamentaram para fazer a relação. 

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