Inglês 7ºano - Interpretação sobre curiosidades (verdadeiro ou falso)

Com ajuda do vocabulário e/ou dicionário, leia os textos abaixo sobre algumas curiosidades. 

Levi lives in Iqaluit, a town in the Arctic region in Canada. It's a very cold place. In winter, the sun rises above the horizon for just two hours a day. Temperatures can fall below -30°C. There is snow from October until May. 
Source: UNICEF

Male polar bears can be ten feet (3 meters) tall and weigh up to 1,700 pounds (771 kilograms). They spend much of their lives on the ice hunting for seals, [...]. 
Source: National Geographic

Arabian camels, called dromedaries, live in the desert areas of Africa and Asia. Bactrian camels live in the Asian rocky deserts. Arabian camels have only one hump on their backs, Bactrian camels have two humps. Camels can travel up to 160 kilometers without water. A very thirsty camel can drink 135 liters of water in only 13 minutes.
Source: National Geographic

Sabah lives in Jordan. She belongs to the nomad Bedouin people who live in the desert regions of Africa. In summer, when temperatures can go up to 40°C, Sabah's family lives in a tent. In winter, they move into their winter home. 
Source: UNICEF

** People from desert areas depend on camels that can take long-distance trips without water. 

live (s) - viver; vidas 
rise - nascer 
land - terra 
largest - o maior 
hunting - caçando 
hump - corcova 
travel - viajar 
without - sem 
belongs - pertence 
people - povos 

[   ] Levi lives in a very cold place. 
[   ] Sabah lives in a tent in winter. 
[   ] Arabian camels have two humps. 
[   ] Polar bears are the largest predators on land. 

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